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So loud. So soft. So you.

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Color: Silver White
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Why we love this product

On the train, at home watching Netflix, or calling your professor - no matter where you need good, reliable sound, the AIRY TWS delivers. The AIRY TWS is the optimized successor to the AIRY True Wireless and comes packed full of better sound and features.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Heavy-duty, wireless in-ear headphones, ultra-long-throw Linear HD drivers for rich kick bass, precise trebles, and warm mids
  • New: more bass, balanced sound, better speech intelligibility on calls, optimized fit, more ear tips, timeless yet stylish color options, USB-C charging case, and a new name: the AIRY TWS
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC for music streaming from Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, etc., Audio syncs perfectly when watching videos
  • Total playtime with case of up to 26 hours, over 6 hours' playback on a single charge
  • Great passive noise suppression for a comfy yet rich listening experience, IPX3 splash resistance offers protection against light rain or sweat from workouts
  • Touch controls on earpiece for volume, answering phone calls, voice assistant, music control
  • Hands-free mode with 4 microphones for use with Teams (supports Hands-Free-Protocol (HFP), Skype, Zoom, etc.). Voice control via Google/Siri in high quality with noise and echo cancellation, phone calls can also be made with only one earpiece
  • Battery status displayed on iOS, Android and the charging case; auto-pairing when the charging case is opened, special antibacterial silicone flared ear tips (XS, S, M, L, XL) for a firm, comfortable fit, even while working out.

So loud. So soft. So you.

We all deserve great sound. And when a set of headphones also looks as good as the AIRY TWS, what more could you wish for?

The bass you crave.

We've been hard at work in our Berlin labs to optimize the audio characteristics of our popular Bluetooth earbuds. Their new long-throw linear HD drivers have made a significant improvement to bass performance and overall resolution. The AIRY TWS sound clean and transparent with a wide soundstage that rivals large, open-back headphones. And the bass gives a hearty kick you'll feel in the pit of your stomach with every beat.

Tight, comfort-fit mushroom ear tips
Linear HD driver for a strong bass foundation down to 15 Hz
Custom amplifier for low noise floor and high volume levels

    A whole day and night of playback

    Highly efficient Bluetooth and a powerful battery give you over 6 hours of playtime on a single charge. Total playback time with the charging case is up to 26 hours. And if that isn't enough, you can connect the case to a power bank via USB-C.

    Up to 26 hours
    Battery life with charging case

    Over 6 hours
    Playback on a single charge

    Stands up to whatever you can throw at it.

    Light rain, sweat, and dust are no match for the AIRY TWS. Whether you're jogging, standing in the rain or working as an extra for DUNE 2. Take the AIRY TWS wherever you go.

    Bluetooth: high fidelity wireless audio

    Our products provide clean, stable Bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption at ranges from 10 meters and up.

    Windows compatible

    Stream music, movies, or games from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac.

    All operating systems supported.

    Perfectly synced

    The sound and video always match whether you're gaming or watching TV.

    AAC is a technology that ensures CD-like quality for audio streams when the sender and receiver device support it. AAC is supported by Chromecast built-in, Android devices, and iOS devices.


    AAC is now a widely used Bluetooth codec, similar to Qualcomm's aptX, which provides CD-like quality for wireless transmission as long as both transmitter and receiver support the codec. AAC is supported by Android and iOS devices.

    Calls for on the go and at home

    With no less than 4 microphones and an intelligent digital signal processor, you'll be perfectly understood on the phone even in noisy environments or on group calls.

    Hey Google! How do you warm up freezing cold hands?
    Hey Siri! What day is it?
    Icon - Phone
    Hi Elli! Still up for Wednesday this Thursday?

    Control it all from your earbud

    With a light touch on the AIRY TWS' Teufel logo, you can answer the phone, adjust the volume, or change the song. All without taking your phone out of your pocket.

    All in

    The AIRY TWS comes fully equipped. It includes a case, charging cable, and 5 pairs of ear tips. And in case you lose anything, all parts are available separately for purchase from our webshop.

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    AIRY TWS Charger Box

    • Description Item
      Width 5.6 cm
      Weight 43.2 g
      Height 5 cm
      Depth 2.7 cm
    • Description Item
      Battery capacity 500 mAh
      Battery type Lithium polymer
    • Description Item
      USB C Yes

    AIRY TWS Earphone Single Left

    • Description Item
      Width 2.4 cm
      Weight 5.5 g
      Height 4 cm
      Depth 2.2 cm
    • Description Item
      Android Yes
      iOS Yes
      Microsoft Yes
    • Description Item
      Battery life at medium volume 6 h
      Battery capacity 60 mAh
      Battery type Lithium-ion
    • Description Item
      Wide-band drivers (per enclosure) 1
      Wide-band driver (diameter) 5.8 mm
      Frequency range 15 - 20000 Hz
      IPX3 water spray resistance Yes
    • Description Item
      Bluetooth Yes
      Bluetooth 5.0 Yes
      Bluetooth AAC Yes
      Speakerphone function Yes



    Included components

    • 1 × AIRY TWS Charger Box – Silver White
    • 1 × AIRY TWS Earphone Single Left – Silver White
    • 1 × AIRY TWS Earphone Single Right
    • 1 × AIRY TWS Ear-Tips (XS, S, M, L, XL) – Silver White
    • 1 × USB-C charging cable for the AIRY TWS – Black

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