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Wireless Audio

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Color: Black
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von Teufel Schwarz

Key advantages at a glance

  • Enables wireless sound transmission to 2 passive speakers
  • Designed to avoid using cables when setting up sound system
  • Set includes 1 x 2 channel transmitters and 2 receivers (left and right channel)
  • Transmitter can easily be connected to the receiver with RCA cable
  • Compact receiver has unobtrusive presense on AC outlet
  • For connecting rear speakers to a 5.1 home cinema setup
  • Can be used for stereo systems or multiroom installations
  • Easy installation and setup, maximum range: 20 meters

Wireless 5.1 sound

The subwoofer and rear speakers connect to the soundbar wirelessly*. All you need is a power outlet in the rear area. You won't have to worry about laying cables across the room. The subwoofer and rear speakers turn on and off automatically.


RearStation receives signals from the Cinebar wirelessly

LT 4 Mk2 - silver - L 430 FCR Ausbauset

Rear Speaker Compact

Rear Speaker Compact just one plug socket needed!

von Teufel

Slim subwoofer T 4000

Subwoofer receives signals from the Cinebar wirelessly

Flach-Subwoofer T 4000 - white - Set

Soundbar CS 42

Cinebar sends signals wirelessly

Soundbar CS 42 von Teufel

*With minimum latency times of only 8 ms

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REARSTATION TX, radio transmitter for audio signals

  • Description Item
    Width 11 cm
    Weight 150 g
    Height 3.2 cm
    Depth 8.6 cm
  • Description Item
    Cinch input stereo 1
von Teufel

REARSTATION Compact RX (pcs.)

The RearStation Compact wirelessly transmits audio signals from source to speaker. Simply plug in the RearStation Compact to mains power and then to the rear speakers.

  • Description Item
    Width 7.1 cm
    Weight 300 g
    Height 18.3 cm
    Depth 4.2 cm
  • Description Item
    Power supply voltage 230 V
    Automatic on/off Yes
    Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
    Standby-Function Yes
    Amplifier configuration 2 x 1.0
    Amplifier technology Class D
    Amplifier channels 1
    Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 60 W
  • Description Item
    Terminal clamps 2
    Cinch output 1
    High level speaker outputs 1
  • Description Item
    Maximum cable diameter 1.5 mm



Included components

  • 1 × REARSTATION TX – Black
  • 2 × REARSTATION Compact RX (pcs.) – Black
  • 1 × power adapter – Black
RearStation (2019) - Outline [SVG]