Fabio Wibmer

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Your sound, your statement

The beat of the city

Test passed: There are no compromises with our sound. Fabio Wibmer puts the most advanced tricks on his wheels and can keep an audience of millions in suspense. We accompanied the well-known mountain bike rider on his bike through Berlin for two days. Under the motto "In the beat of the city", the 25-year-old climbed every staircase, every wall and turned the streets of Berlin into his own playground. Always along for the ride was the sound of Teufel.

Fabio Wibmer redefines the city

For our latest campaign, Fabio Wibmer visited us in Berlin and showed us his perspective of the city in a spectacular video shoot.

Spring must-haves!

As we all know, music is very close to our hearts. When we ask Fabio in which situations it plays a role, he simply answers: always. Since his training sessions are sometimes more extreme, the cyclist has certain requirements for his audio equipment. We will now introduce you to the portable speakers that have proven themselves on his tour through Berlin.

We proudly present out bestsellers!

Discover Teufel's audio world