CINEBAR 11 "2.1-Set"

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CINEBAR 11 "2.1-Set"

A perfect 10 plus 1

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Soundbar Cinebar

Why we love this product

The Cinebar 11 is the ideal sonic upgrade for every flatscreen TV. Its radically slender form in either black or white allows it to easily find a space for itself in any living room. Now available with a completely redesigned wireless subwoofer for a solid bass foundation.

Soundbar Cinebar

Key advantages at a glance

  • Slender soundbar with Bluetooth, perfect for flatscreen TVs
  • A total of 8 soundbar tweeters plus a subwoofer guarantee an impressive TV/film-quality sound
  • New wireless down-fire subwoofer for even deeper, consistent bass
  • Best connectivity options via HDMI, Bluetooth, NFC and optical and analogue inputs
  • Decodes Dolby and DTS as well as a virtual surround for stereophonic sound
  • Ready-to-go: no additional AV-receiver necessary, remote control included
(4.7 of 5 out of 747)
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Easy on the eyes, a revelation for the ears

The Cinebar 11 hits all the right notes with a slender, elegant design and powerful sound. Just 8 cm high, the Cinebar along with its handy wireless subwoofer won’t get in the way of your living room interior. Instead, the system places the emphasis where it belongs: The sound.

Cinebar 11 MK2 - black - Buttons
Cinebar 11 MK2 - black - Display

Eight drivers: Clever teamwork for immersive sound

A tweeter and three midrange drivers empower each side of the Cinebar 11 with perfectly balanced sound along the entire frequency range. Enjoy high-resolution, realistic playback with television programs, movies and games.

Teufel Soundbar Cinebar Mk2

HDMI, Bluetooth, optical and analog inputs for connecting to any source device

The Cinebar 11 is equipped with Bluetooth for effortlessly streaming high-quality music from smartphones, tablets and PCs. An HDMI input and output make it possible to easily connect the sound system to your TV. HDMI ARC support means a single HDMI cable is all you’ll need. HDMI CEC makes it possible to control the system with your existing TV remote. Alternately, the audio signal can be fed to the system via optical or analog input.

Cinebar 11 MK2 - black - Buttons
Cinebar 11 - Detail Buttons

Experience atmospheric sound

Integrated Virtual Surround Technology ensures authentic 3-dimenstionality that comes very close to that of a full 5.1 surround sound system. Instead of simply converting surround signals from your television into stereo, as some soundbars do, Virtual Surround transforms the signal in real time and distributes it to the eight drivers. The result is an amazingly immersive sound experience.

Soundbar Cinebar Aufstellungsmöglichkeit 2

Powerful bass

Powerful bass

The subwoofer is controlled wirelessly. Audio transmission is lossless and without delays. You only need one cable connection.

Soundbar Cinebar One Subwoofer Bass

Bass reflex system

There is a tuner and bass reflex tube on the underside of the device. The bass reflex system allows for deep, strong bass even from such compact dimensions.

Soundbar Cinebar One Subwoofer Bass

Included components

  • 1× Power cable
  • 1× AAA battery
  • 1× Remote Control CB 11 RC
  • 1× CINEBAR 11 Soundbar
  • 1× T 6 Subwoofer
Soundbar Cinebar


  • Aktiv Subwoofer Bass SW von Teufel

    T 6 Subwoofer

    • Description Item
      Width 21.00 cm
      Weight 8.57 kg
      Height 40.00 cm
      Depth 38.00 cm
    • Description Item
      Power supply voltage 230 volts
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Maximum power consumption 120 watt
      Safety class 2
      Standby-Function Yes
      Standby-Power consumption 0.40 watt
      Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 33 Hz
      Wireless Subwoofer Yes
      Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 60 W
      Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 90 W
      Amplifier technology Class-D
      Amplifier channels 1
      Subwoofer Yes
    • Description Item
      Acoustic principle 1-Way-System
      Equalisation openings (pos.) Bottom
      Equalisation openings 1
      Downfire Yes
      Enclosure type Bass reflex
      Enclosure material MDF
      Enclosure surface Matte laminate
      Net internal volume 20 Litres
      Integrated stand Yes
      Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
      Woofer (diameter) 165.00 mm
      Woofer (material) Coated cellulose
      Frequency range from/to 33 - 200 Hz
      Maximum sound pressure level 104 dB/1m
      Enclosure type Bass reflex
    • Description Item
      Miscellaneous Subwoofer receives audio signal wirelessly
    Cinebar 11 - Front Top

    CINEBAR 11 Soundbar

    • Description Item
      Width 95.00 cm
      Weight 1.78 kg
      Height 5.40 cm
      Miscellaneous The height with table stand is 7.40 cm
      Depth 7.00 cm
    • Description Item
      AUX Yes
      Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
      Audio inputs- HDMI Yes
      Digital inputs optical 1
      HDMI Version 1.4b
      Bluetooth Yes
      Bluetooth Yes
      NFC Yes
    • Description Item
      DTS Yes
      Dolby Digital Yes
      Dolby Digital 2.0
      Miscellaneous Virtual Surround Sound
    • Description Item
      Audio-Digital-Analog-Converter Cirrus Logic
      Integrated DSP Yes
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Maximum power consumption 60 watt
      Safety class 2
      Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
      Standby-Function Yes
      Standby-Power consumption 0.40 watt
      Wireless Subwoofer Yes
      Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 40 W
      Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 50 W
      Amplifier configuration 2.1
      Amplifier technology Class D
      Amplifier channels 2
      HDMI 3D ARC CEC‌ Yes
    • Description Item
      Acoustic principle 2-Way-System
      Enclosure type Closed
      Enclosure surface Matte lacquer
      Magnetic shielding Yes
      Net internal volume 1,2 Litres
      Keyhole plate mounted Yes
      Integrated stand Yes
      Tweeter (number per enclosure) 2
      Tweeter (diameter) 20.00 mm
      Tweeter (material) Coated cellulose
      Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 6
      Midrange driver (diameter) 44.00 mm
      Midrange driver (material) Coated cellulose
      Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 25 Watt
      Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 83 dB
      Frequency range from/to 200-20000 Hz
      Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 50 Watt
      Maximum sound pressure level 96 dB/1m
      Crossover frequency internal switch 3000 Hz

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.7 of 5 out of 747)
top price-performance ratio, no shortcomings on my part
(automatically translated *)
Cinebar 11 "2.1-SET"
Fast delivery, easy installation, great sound
(automatically translated *)
Mega Sound
A balanced sound experience, the tones come across very clear and clean. It takes a little time to find your own setting. I even turned the subwoofer down quite a bit. So the system doesn't play at the limit and still leaves a lot of potential for any personal needs. Even when the sub is placed in the other corner of the room (40 square metres), it plays perfectly without interference or interruption. I also notice the slight crackling sound. But only when switching channels or selecting the media source, regardless of whether it is connected via HDMI or Toslink. But that doesn't affect the sound in any way, so I'd recommend buying it. If you decide on Teufel, you can't go wrong 👍
Cinebar 11
(automatically translated *)
It's good stuff!
I am delighted with my Teufel order. First of all a 20% discount, then a relatively fast home delivery, all very well packed. The installation went very well, and now I'm enjoying high quality sound for my TV: whether it's for cinema or sport, the sound is super clear, you can distinguish the different sounds, the voices are distinct (not always the case with some sound bars), and the bass delivered by this superb subwoofer is very pleasant, deep, without any saturation even at high volume, and quite distinct at low volume, which proves the quality of this equipment. The whole is very well balanced, so it's not too powerful either. It's more than enough for my 30m² room, and to listen to music in bluetooth, it's great, very easy, and of course of great quality, whether it's classical music, rock, electro, I love it. Of course there is no dolby atmo etc... but that's ok. In short, a very good choice, I strongly advise for the price.
Top part
Good sound, fast delivery!
(automatically translated *)
Super Soundbar
For the price very good quality I am very enthusiastic and recommend the product to others.thank you
(automatically translated *)
Great and easy to use
I wanted a soundbar for the living room. It's relatively large, about 40 square metres, but I didn't want to spend 1000 euros because it's my first one. My expectations were not that high when I read reviews on the internet, also on other platforms. But the installation is terribly easy. Even my grandma could do it! And the sound is already outstanding. For me and my subjective perception, it's a perfect device. However, I'm not a sound professional either. But for the average ear and simple use, it is very good both on the TV and when transferring music from the mobile phone, and I enjoy the sound every day. I only had to cut out the bass a little bit. Absolutely recommend it - price is really okay and it looks good too! I have it in white.
Easy connection, good workmanship and breathtaking sound experience. Unbeatable for the price
(automatically translated *)
On the whole, good...
The basses are good but a little weak in the mid and high tones.
(automatically translated *)
* Automatically translated by DeepL